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Peak Veterinary Referral Center

Veterinarian Holding Gray Cat

Referral Process

Thank you for placing your trust in our team.

At Peak Veterinary Referral Center, we understand that entrusting your patients to another veterinarian is an important decision, and we are pleased that you wish to partner with us. We are here to enhance your own primary care services by providing specialty care. We are committed to working together to design a comprehensive treatment plan for your patients. We strive to be a valuable resource to you and your clients.

We do not offer general practice services and make every effort to direct your client and patient back to you for follow-up care. If you wish to discuss your patient’s case before referral, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Veterinary Urgent Care for Pets

Our veterinary urgent care services at Peak are open late, 7 days per week, including holidays.  This service and our availability offers pet owners in Williston, the greater Burlington area, and surrounding towns in New York and New Hampshire, as well as people traveling to Vermont with pets, timely access to urgent medical care. By offering pet urgent care, we hope to provide a local alternative for non-critical emergencies and lift some of the burden from 24/7 critical care emergency hospitals.

Cases we can see include PSI 5, 4, and 3, excluding cases that require surgical intervention. Our medical team of experienced veterinarians and technicians have extensive training in emergency and urgent veterinary care.

The service is open to all, and we encourage calling ahead as there are limited daily appointment slots. We encourage clients to provide their pet’s medical records to facilitate adjunct care if needed. This step is not required but may save time and money if relevant diagnostic tests were recently run. Please upload any medical records through our online portal for the quickest access.


Patient Records and Inpatient Care

  • Our medical team will keep you informed of our mutual patient’s ongoing treatment plans and can also provide phone updates at your request.

  • Medical records are available in real-time through our online portal.

We hope to be a valuable resource to both you and your clients. We value and appreciate the trust you have placed in our team.

Learning & Development

We have a passion for learning and development – not just the education of our own team – but the entire veterinary community at large. Veterinarians and technicians can keep their credentials current with interactive, RACE-approved continuing education (CE) courses through, our innovative online learning system. The CE courses are designed to make it feel like you are live at a veterinary conference. Courses combine video lectures, PowerPoint presentations, proceedings, and a built-in portal for submitting questions to the experts.

For hospitals and practices, VetBloom can be customized for team training. In addition to the continuing education content, a practice can gain ongoing access to over 75 vertically-aligned Technician Protocols, a robust reporting system, and a customizable learning environment that can be tailored specifically to the needs of your hospital.