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Peak Veterinary Referral Center

AVS Nurse helping doctor with dog on table


The bond that clients have with their pets is an integral part of veterinary medicine.

Behavior issues are often misunderstood, unexpected, frustrating, and often difficult to manage. They can lead to a weakening or severance of the crucial emotional bond between human and animal. Behavior problems cause stress in animals and those involved with their care, further exacerbating the underlying problems. Behavior consultations can help clients and pets create more stable, predictable, and consistent interactions. Consultations encompass diagnosis, reasonable expectations and prognosis, and a treatment plan which may include environmental adjustments, behavior modification, and pharmacological approaches.

Behavior issues that we commonly provide consultations for include:


  • Barking, jumping, leash-pulling, unruly behaviors

  • Attention seeking behaviors

  • Separation related anxiety

  • Fearful behaviors

  • Environmental phobias, such as noise and thunderstorms

  • Housetraining, marking, and elimination disorders

  • Aggression toward people or other animals

  • Compulsive disorders


  • Fearful behaviors

  • Inappropriate elimination problems

  • Marking behaviors

  • Aggression toward people or other animals

  • Compulsive disorders

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